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View Morgan Walk - The Pipe Track in a larger map

Pipe Track Walk Highlights

Route: Patterdale - onto Place Fell - Pipe Track - Crookabeck - Patterdale

Distance: Approx 2.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

OS Map: OL5

Pipe Track Walk Details


A relatively gentle walk easily accessible and giving some stunning views up and down the dale. Note it can be a little muddy in the winter and autumn!


From the cottage turn left and the turn right over Goldrill Bridge. Follow the road to the end and round to the left. Turn right through the gate up onto the fell and head up the path to the right towards Boredale Hause. Where the path splits rather than going up to the left carry straight on past the copse of huge fir trees on your left. Just past these the path splits again. The main path is to the left but you want to take the straight path ahead into the bracken.

Traverse this path along the fell side and you’ll see Rookings and Crookabeck farm below you to the right. You’ll go up to a rocky outcrop (where Morgan is in the picture to the right) then follow the path again and then the path splits. Take the left hand fork up towards the sound of running water and you’ll cross a small beck.

Keep following this path (it can get a little vague in the bracken at this point!) And again you’ll see the path split. Take the left hand fork up the slope and keep going up until you reach the Pipe Track. It’s a fairly steep climb up to the bracken but you’ll soon get to the wide “pipe track”.

From here you can either turn right down to the bottom or if you turn left it will take you up to Boredale Hause. Turning right takes you down to the bridle path by Deepdale. If it’s been raining heavily recently (not uncommon!) It’s worth a detour left for 0.5 mile to see the waterfall at the bottom of Angle Tarn Beck. Otherwise turn right and follow the path through the gate and on towards Beckstones.

Go through the farmyard and follow the path through the lovely  wooded glade and onto Crookabeck. You can either go through the farmyard or follow the permitted path over the style to the right. Either way keep an eye out for Mary Bell’s Angora Goats and Herdwick Sheep.

Once through Crookabeck just follow the path back along Rookings and then turn left back to Goldrill Beck and the cottage.

A great relatively quick and easy walk!

Alternate Routes

For a bit of extra climb you can always take the path up to Boredale and then pick up the Pipe Track at the top and follow it down to Deepdale and Beckstones. If you do visit the Angle Tarn Beck waterfall you can keep going on that path and then visit the small hamlet of Hartsop which has some great old Cumbrian cottages. Form here it’s a short hop to Brotherswater. If you follow the road back to Cow Bridge there’s a lovely walk alongside the western edge of Brotherswater. You can walk back to The How directly from there but you’re on and off the road which is why we prefer the scenic route via Beckstones and Crookabeck!

Other Useful Info

Always check the weather before you set off and make sure you’re properly equipped for the walk and please ensure dogs are on a lead when going though the farmyards at Beckstones and Crookabeck and in any field with sheep in especially during lambing season.

Place Fell also had some Lake District Star Jelly in October 2011 - so keep an eye out!

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The Pipe Track Walk from the How Cottage in Patterdale Stretched Panorama showing Striding Edge Helvellyn and Catstycam

Walks Index  |  Helvellyn Walk  |  Angle Tarn Walk  |  Place Fell walk  |  Pipe Track Walk  |  Stepping Stones Walk  |  Silver Point Walk  |  Patterdale Boundary Walk

Morgan on the Pipe Track above Ullswater
Helvellyn in the Lake District. Photo ©  Rob Shephard