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The Lake District is a haven for wildlife and the area around The How and Patterdale and Ullswater is no exception. You’ll see a huge variety from the myriad of birds who enjoy the bird feeders in the garden (and the odd squirrel!) to the sheep and other mammals you’ll encounter out on the fells. All in their natural habitat and all enjoying the scenery as much as you are! Here are just a selection of the animals we’d expect you to meet during your stay


The bird feeder in the garden attracts a huge variety of birds, varying of course on the time of year. You’ll see the full range of Tits, Robins and Finches, as well as the odd Woodpecker. At night you’ll here the Owls on the hunt for mice and in the summer months see bats flying in the dusk. On the beck and the Lake you’ll see a huge variety of ducks, geese and swans., And buzzards and kestrels on Place Fell.

Farm Animals

If you like sheep then you’ve come to the right place! Watch out for the Herdwicks and if you’re here in springtime you can’t help but be uplifted by the sight of the lambs gamboling in the fields. Watch out for the Angora Goats at Crookabeck Farm and the cows in the fields by Goldrill Beck and in Glenamara Park.  


One of the last wild herds of Red Deer in England grazes over the other side of Place Fell in Martindale and in October during the Rut you’ll see them coming over the top and hear them on Place Fell. In the winter you’ll also see Roe Deer who have been known to come into the garden looking for grass.


The wood next door to The How is home to both Red and Grey Squirrels. Although we try and discourage the Greys they seem to be living fairly happily side by side there at  the moment!

Other Mammals

Any dusk or early morning walk, especially in Glenamara may well lead you to see a badger or fox on their way home after the night shift. You may also have them coming to inspect your dustbin as well! You will also see an abundance of rabbits - we have 2 who have taken up residence in our next door garden and again and early or late walk will see them out and about especially on the Stepping Stones Walk.

There are many more animals in the area - let us know your favourites and please send us any pictures you take!

Wildlife around Patterdale and Ullswater

Lambs by Ullswater Spring 2011 Butterfly in St Patricks Churchyard

Mysterious Alien Star Jelly

Star Jelly - Photo (c) Rob Shephard

In October 2011 we saw some mysterious jelly on Place Fell. This “star jelly” provoked interest in both the national and local media. As yet there is no definitive explanation as to what it is, with theories ranging from the debris from a meteor shower to rotting frogs.

If you see any on your walks then let us know!

Click here for the full story of the Lake District Star jelly

Local Walks Attractions on Ullswater Childrens Activites Pubs,Restaurants and Shops Other Local Attractions Sheep above Ullswater - Photo © Rob Shephard

“We saw lots of Red Deer on Place Fell, a fox, red squirrel, Buzzards, Ravens and a badger on our walks” Sam and Genny and Freddie the dog. See more guest comments.